beautiful day for OJ

nothin’ like a nice tall glass of Orange Juice to start your morning- and today in southern cali is another classic beautiful morning. sun is up and its my favorite time of day in my house, because the light shines in and just fills up the space. unfortunately that is also because i still don’t have proper curtains. but i digress.

i really enjoy Tropicana‘s latest bottle for its “Pure premium” oj. it looks like the classic caraffe- but its plastic- and it just totally stands out when its sitting amongst all the other typical paper cartons. i enjoy being able to see the product and it feels nice when you’re pouring it. it looks so lovely on my table. (it will look even better when i remove the label, hehe, but i do love the little woodgrain design element for the “grovestand” text) . Also, if you go to Tropicana’s website, they have a really intersting history section– i love that there was a “Tropic Ana” character in the late 60’s through the 70’s- they should bring her back- i love consumer product mascots! kudos for Tropicana.

it was so nice outside, as i was sipping my oj, that i was inspired to take a bunch of pics of my (surviving) plants. i will post them over the weekend for my weekly “mundane aesthetic”-
what are your plans for the weekend? anything fun? have a fantastic friday!!

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