March 2006

Walmart continued…

So i recently posted about how Walmart is beginning to change their home dept. This is apparently all part of a new campaign to “Look beyond the basics”– and i think its pretty well done. I’m sure the big wigs at Walmart are feelin’ the pressure from Target’s uber cheap chic-ness- They now have this whole in-store brand called “Home Trends” that is suprisingly pretty go
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del taco chairs

i don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but at Del Taco, the chairs have a cactus design on the back. I realize that they’ve had these chairs since 2000, when they revamped their stores with their newer “fiesta” look, which.. um… yeah… I guess makes work it Del Taco- but i really appreciate the fact that someone thought to make the back of the chairs like cactus. kinda bad, but
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Been buried in work, so I got a treat today. fruit flavored mochi is pretty and yummy. pretty yummy!
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what time is it?

Stopped by the local Ikea, looking for a light for my office/library area, but of course got completely side-tracked, and ended up in the clock section- not that i need a new clock, but if i did- there are some really great options: loved the SLABANG ($12.99) it has a rubber shell that is oh so mo-derne….also came in lemon yellow, but preferred this cool grey/taupe color….and I’m also a big fan of t
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While you were out. episode #1

So… I recently took some “before and after” pics of a “project” my parents gave me. My parentals recently had their home re-carpeted and the inside walls repainted. Now, being that i am their only son (let alone only child), and i work in design, they asked me to help with the daunting task of redecorating. This was a good and bad thing. On the one hand, I was able to play decorator with
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Home is where the Heart is

i recently got this new book, by Ilse Crawford. Ilse, if you didn’t already know, is an internationally celebrated designer with a trackrecord that is just “wow”, has a company called stuidolise, and was the launch editor to British Elle Decoration (aka. the Bible). so… she’s gots it goin’ on and has mad style- ummkay? But sadly, i must admit- i had no real clue about her until rec
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